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Our mission is to educate and empower families while navigating the funeral planning process. The funeral industry can be a confusing place, and we want to ensure that families get the services that they deserve.

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You Make the Plan, We'll Help with the Rest


Pencil and a clipboard with a checklist attached.
Your Final Wishes Profile will hold all of your end-of-life wishes, important documents, possible funding, and much more.
Pencil and a clipboard with a checklist attached.
FCGS has the largest database of funeral and cremation prices in the US, and all the answers to your end-of-life questions.
Pencil and a clipboard with a checklist attached.
Death doesn't have a time. Our advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and ready to assist in English and Spanish.

We Put You in Control of the Cost


FCGS reverses the traditional funeral model. We put the consumer back in control. With an FCGS membership, everything becomes simple and transparent. We will handle everything from finding a funeral home and reviewing contracts to paying the bill at the funeral home from the insurance policy. *

Families Helped
Funeral Bills Payed

* $105 fee in order for FCGS to take assignment on insurance and pay the bill.

Hear it from Our Families


"Words can not describe how awesome this company is. After making the call to let them know my mom had passed, the process was smooth and worry-free! Everyone was so helpful and the whole process to cover the cost of my mom's funeral was super fast and without hesitation. I was relieved and satisfied. Dealing with my mom's passing has been the hardest thing to bear. My mom took care of us up until the end, even by making these arrangements with your company. This has been a complete blessing."

Cynthia K.

"I sincerely appreciate that Funeral Consumer Guardian Society delivered on everything that was promised when I bought the funeral policy for my dad. The moment he passed away I called the number on the card I was provided and you guys went to work immediately. I will refer all of my friends and family to you all because there's no reason not to have a policy like this in place for when you need it. It made grieving our loss a less bitter experience for sure."

Curtis H.

Couple sitting together on a bench.

Find What's Right for You


FCGS respects all backgrounds and beliefs because your funeral belongs to you and your loved ones. Although these decisions are extremely personal, FCGS can show you options that match your wishes or help explore ideas that you have not considered.

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"We are proud to have stood with over 100,000 families in their time of unrest. Funeral Consumer Guardian Society was created so family members can focus on mourning their loved ones and trust funeral details are handled with the white glove your family deserves."

Joe Kraft, President and Founder

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